Delivering high quality ads to family-friendly sites

CleanAds is a network of family-friendly websites, reaching millions of users per month. We use a variety of technologies to target and optimize ad campaigns for both our advertisers and our publishers. All ads and sites are manually verified to be Clean and family-friendly, allowing both brands and site owners to not worry about inappropriate content.

About Us

Connecting family-friendly brands with Clean, family-friendly websites.

Who We Are is a family-friendly focused advertising network that connects family-friendly advertisers with websites that are Clean and family-friendly. is owned by Clean Media, LLC. Any realized profits will be donated to Christian evangelizing charities.

Founding was founded by Robert B. Trussell, Jr., the retired founder and CEO of Tempur-Sealy International. He has served as a member of Tempur Sealy International's Board of Directors or its predecessors since 1992, and has served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since April 2006. He has had a lifelong interest in thoroughbred racing and breeding. He lives with his wife Martha in Lexington Kentucky. Currently Bob is involved in various Christian evangelization projects and is chairman of Catholics Come Home Inc, Clean Media, LLC, and Real Life Radio 1380AM & 94.9FM (Lexington, KY's only Catholic Talk Radio Station).

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333 West Vine St, Suite 1610
Lexington, KY 40507
P: (859) 429-7075